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DALL·E 2024-02-02 15.58.23 - Visualize a vast dystopian cityscape in a future where nature


Solanas AI Powered Token

Community Driven, AI Governed


Quantum Leap Frogs is an electrifying NFT odyssey of 6,900 AI-crafted amphibian explorers, each leaping across the fabric of their world on a monumental quest.

These aren't just any frogs; they are the guardians of a forgotten realm, tirelessly seeking the ancient secrets and lost wisdom of a bygone human era. Their mission? To unearth the mystic lore and advanced technologies left behind by humanity, now veiled in the mists of time.


Embark on the journey. Embrace the leap. Be part of the legend.

$LEAP token is available on the following exchanges:

Jupiter, Raydium & Orca

More exchange listings are on the way!


Contract Address

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